Krabi’s Emerald Pool, Hot Spring and My Poor Butt

Wow! Why is the water so green, you ask?

Probably because of all the algae – which I found out to be very slippery.

Emerald Pool

I was walking nimbly on the wet rocks surrounding the Emerald Pool and congratulating myself on looking very posh while doing so. But as I was reaching the edge of the pool, I slipped on a particularly slimy surface of rock and landed where else? On my butt. In front of a whole pool of people. I even bounced a little.

Thank goodness for the ample cushion my butt provided! It was more a dent on my ego then anything else. And it didn’t help that all WJ did was to stand there and laugh at me. (Yes, this is the guy I married.)

Emerald Pool

After I got over the embarrassment of falling on my tush and WJ had eased off his laughing fit, we finally made our way into the pool. The water was room temperature, so it wasn’t a shock to the body system. I avoided putting my feet down onto the pool bed since it was mostly covered in algae and felt slimy.

Just a short drive or bicycle ride away is the hot springs. Because of the popularity of the springs, the locals dug out more holes for people to sit in and soak. The highest pool is the hottest and the lowest tier is cooler (but still hotter than body temperature).

We saw some people jump into the stream below too! But since it was murky brown, WJ and I were hesitant about jumping in. Who knows what else was lurking inside those waters?

Emerald Pool

Besides swimming or lazing about in the waters, there really wasn’t much else to do. Why not bring a mat and picnic basket so you can have some snacks after a swim and dip in the hot springs?

Anyway, photos are taken with my super cute Golden Half lomo camera (which is sticky from its underuse).


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