Hi there, I’m Charmaine!

I’m a sales/marketing/designer hybrid specialising in e-commerce.

faceStarting my career as a designer and merchandiser, I took a curve on the road that’s led me to sales and marketing in the e-commerce industry.

Why diverge into sales and marketing when I studied design?

For starters, I’ve always had a knack for entrepreneurship and sales. When I was in secondary school, I started selling handmade jewellery on livejournal, starting ground for many of Singapore’s first blogshops. I moved on to making and selling clothing, bags and other accessories online after starting fashion school as a way of earning extra cash and applying the techniques I’d learnt in school.

Joining forces with another schoolmate, we started a blogshop selling clothing we’d sourced from wholesale shops. Sadly, that flopped after a few months and we ended up with a few boxes of unsold inventory. Lesson learnt? Always do your research, test the market and don’t assume!

That said,

I believe that it’s better to start something and fail, then to not try at all.

So here I am now, having switched to a career in e-commerce. From building brands and communities to better understanding the customer, I’m savouring every minute in the world of e-commerce.

If you’d like to get to know me more in person, you can contact me here. Otherwise, feel free to poke around my portfolio for some of my past work!